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Berlin - A love story

"I still have a suitcase in Berlin, i want to go home... Back to Kurfüstendamm" Who doesn't know those songs lines describing the capitol city of Germany. The city is open all day long on 365 days a year. Not every city has such various things that can fulfill different interests, gives lot of excitement - it goes with the pulse of the time. It can offer many historic sites, three operahouses, few theaters along with small art stages far to international promenades -every place is filled with culture. New things conspire to old, modern versus classic.

Siegessäule (the Victory Column), berliner Dom (berlin Cathedral), Gedächtniskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church), Funkturm (radio tower), Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) - the landmarks of the city which was divided for a long time and now is united like no other city in germany. The breakup, the restructuring, the preservation of historical places, the contrast and slightly changes make berlin a very special city. A city that has countless exciting edges which are always awake and never sleep. A city that takes a lot of energy, but at the same time it takes care of the people and holds them in the arm. Berlin has seen many different times, from the times of the destroying to the rebuilding, from splitting to the reunification. Every day the city pollish up itself. The history has put a sign on berlin, it writes its own history. The humor of the berliners is prosaic, naughty but harmless like the city itself. Come to berlin means not just to visit the city, it means also that you inhale the sense of life and become a part of it.

Kurfüstendamm, the street of the luxury boutiques, cafes and theaters - the street where people walk, work, live and just spend time. It has been famous for people like Harald Juhnke, Günter Pfitzmann, Hildegard Knef but still, its not the famous people that make it, its the variety of the characters, life storys and the international life style of people who live from Gedächtniskirche till Halensee that makes the area very special.

Walking from Siegessäule, going through the Brandenburger Tor, passing the Unter den Linden boulevard, Gendarmenmarkt, Berliner Dom, Humbolth University over to Alexander Platz - a walk through the history of Berlin. The museum island with the old national galery, Pergamon museum, Bode museum - a unforgetable meeting with culture. The Reichstag with a large glass dome surrounding view of cityscape, Kanzleramt (German Chancellery), the new main rail station Hauptbahnhof where the outside is made of glass - places that you must see by yourself with your own eyes. Potsdamer Platz, Stätte der Moderne on historical ground invites you to explore the city. Casinos, Arkarden (shopping mall) and Sony Center just a few powers of attraction.

Berlin lakes and rivers, parks and forrests invite you to rest and recover. Two international famous zoos give you a priceless specious of the world of animals. Special events keep the city alive. 890 square kilometers of capital is waiting for you, berlin is more than a city - come over, berlin is a place to visit!


Brandenburger Tor

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